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A holistic environment is needed to produce fruitful result in the academics. Education and environment should go in parallel. The environment is so friendly that the students are self motivated to concentrate in their studies. The institution is located on a lush green surrounding. The location is very breezy spreading the fragrance to all of its directions. . The layout of the class rooms, laboratories and workshops are arranged in such a way that facilitates the students to access all areas at ease. Well qualified and experienced faculty members impart quality education in a green environment and a good and pleasant infra structure.

The institution is located on a lush green surrounding, encompassed by paddy fields with crystal clear streams running through the heart of the campus. The location is very breezy spreading the fragrance to all of its directions. Students from various districts and states share the essentials of their varied culture among the friends and develop and amicable atmosphere in the campus. The congenial environment that consist of modern technologies like 24/7 Wi-Fi campus, facilitates the students to learn and develop themselves in an enjoyable manner.

TECHNICALLY Involving Intellectual Minds


With the motto of promoting technology, scientific thinking, and innovation, SPECTRA believe in creating an incomparable ambience of science and technology. An annual technical event is organized by students is a part of the activities with events like paper presentation like Seminars (National and International), Workshops, Science and Technology Exhibition, Panel Discussion, etc. involving participants from other colleges and also from Industry. Apart from these SPECTRA- "An Intra College Technical Fest "is conducted focusing on the upcoming trends and technology


Technical Association of Rohini college of Engineering and Technology is developed to set out a technical platform for the betterment of our Student. It helps students attend National Level Seminars and Conferences .It would inspire Students to take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for their Technical Skill Development



Engineering education is incomplete without laboratory practice. RCET provides students with a wealth of hands-on learning opportunities The labs are well furnished and air conditioned. Labs are equipped with the latest state-of- art machines, software and hardware to enable it to remain in forefront of technology.

The Mini Seminar Hall

The first floor of the Kalpana Chawla block is adorned with the majestic appearance of a spacious magnificent hall. The hall is designed for the purpose of conducting meeting, seminars and conferences with seat capacity 350.

The name, "The Opulent hall" engraved indicates that the hall is rich in appearance .The hall is equipped with good sound system and furniture. Depending on the purpose of the event the hall may be set up in various styles. The portable microphones, the light system, interior design, Projector and control system for effective presentation adds colors to the hall.  The ambience of quiet space, invites brainstorming in a more flexible setting.

Mini Seminar Hall

The Mini Seminar Hall with modern meeting equipment and supplies, 150 plus seating capacity. Located on the third floor, this hall features a flat- screen monitor for projecting materials and presentation. It is a bright and airy space perfect for mid-sized meetings.


The Grand Arena,the spacious auditorium which have the 700 seat performance space with a multi disciplinary foyer. The red and black-hued auditorium spread the audience around the stage providing the required capacity, yet also a sense of intimacy for smaller audiences. Acoustics were carefully considered due to the shape of the auditorium. The soft, velvet touch ,LED wall and lacquered plywood reflectors help to spread sound evenly, which provides a natural surface treatment. Clever use of sound system was designed by Acoustics' engineers and performed right out of the box. 3D Modelling of the auditorium was designed a system to cater to the requirement is another essential part of the design process. The architects designed an innovative foyer in the auditorium to provide a further informal space.

The auditorium would serve its purpose of hosting important University meetings, student festivals and host extra-curricular activities. Sound Proofing, Acoustic Wall,High Quality Line array Speakers and subwoofers from BOSS, digital audio mixer and light mixer are the speciality of "The Grand Arena" to enjoy the output of each performance. Sound observant Materials and Acoustic Treatment makes the room sound better during the event, by absorbing excessive ambience.