TARCET Vision:

The four pillars of our TARCET vision is to set out a technical platform for the betterment of our institution:

  • We work to create a better future for our students.
  • We help students to attend national and international level seminars and conferences.
  • We would inspire students to take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for their technical skill development.
  • We can direct our students to reach higher professional positions.

TARCET Mission:

Development of comprehensive skill set among students through activities and events for enhancing their career prospects in Industry and Research. Provide opportunities for students to put into practice their knowledge and skills to develop orientation for need assessment and application. Inculcate professional skills among students for career progression and life long learning. We recognize the individual strengths and qualities of our students and we combine our skills and knowledge to evolve world class competitive Engineers with good technical paraphernalia.

TARCET Objectives:

  • To serve as a unique forum for knowledge building in Novel areas of domain and allied areas.
  • To promote multi dimensional skill development among students for employability and research demands.
  • To provide a platform for expression of knowledge and skills for feasible applications upon identification of needs of society, industry and research.
  • To make awarenesss of various seminars, conferences and all technical programmes among the students.

TARCET Mission:

Through the events and activities undertaken by the TARCET the students will gain exposure to:

1. Knowledge beyond curriculum and into inter-disciplinary areas.

2. Participate in events and activities to conduct thorough analysis of the real time problem in their core areas.

3. Undertake Mini Projects involving the usage and creation of new tools and technologies.

4. Conduct and actively participate in technical events that promulgate the significance and relevance of environment.

5. Conduct and participate in events to identify solution for societal needs through domain expertise.

6. Organize and undergo short term development programs to upgrade skills and knowledge.