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TARCET(Technical Association of RCET)

“A way for a Innovative Beginning via Endless Possibilities”

Inaugural ceremony of TARCET & national level technical seminars conducted by the TARCET association. The chief guest of the day was Mrs.Masha Nazeem, Inventor & CEO of Masha Innovation Center. She is a serial innovator and has developed eight very interesting projects including the Flameless Seal Maker, which won her a award in the IGNITE 2009 competition of National Innovation Foundation (NIF). Masha’s innovations include Burglary Alarm, VIP security system, Hi-tech Train Toilet, and child safety system at Petrol Bunks, Transparent Test Tool Kit, Non-flammable Seal Maker, Mechanical Porter, and others.

Hi-tech train toilet was an acclaimed project and it was appreciated by the former president A P J Abdul Kalam and Indian railways in 2005. At her eight standards, moreover, this project brought Masha two national awards and an international award. Obtained two international, five national, a national research fellowship, president’s Award, southern Indian and state award so far. Meanwhile, recently with contribution from some private donors, she opened “Masha Innovation Centre” at her present residence in Peruvilai in Nagercoil. “This centre was started with a purpose of inculcating the spirit of creativity and innovation among school students,”says Masha. With the motivation and guidance by her, two students have won INGITE13 awards and one student won inspire 2013 award (world’s largest science exhibition for school children organized by Dept of Science and Technology, New Delhi).

Encouraged by this success, Masha started this innovation centre at her residence specially to guide school children in developing their science models and thus preparing them to win national awards. She has given motivational talks on many platforms, and hopes to reform the education system of India to make it more holistic. She made a discourse about “Making India Innovative” that the scientific experience to the society of useful inventions made the budding engineers listen and motivated to introduce or invent new things to the society. Parents should encourage their children in their chosen path, whatever it may be. One of the favourite quotes for the student is ‘Take the path less travelled and the world will follow you.' And with those words of wisdom, Masha Nazeem left, leaving behind lingering thoughts of her accomplishments and her unaccomplished dreams that drive her forward. When asked if she ever missed doing what other kids her age usually do with her free time, her prompt reply was that the awards and accolades more than make up for her sacrifices. Recipient of Young Achiever awards and the youngest person to present a research paper at a world summit attended by representatives from about 46 countries, Masha Nazeem and her quiet demeanor prove that actions speak much louder than words.