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“Battle between the minds to rise above the limits”

Spectra 2017-a Technical Carnival celebrated in RCET campus in the month of October for a week. Its a popular means to engage students in technical activities beyond the curriculum. Students gather around a project in their spare time and use their classroom skills to design, build and test a product,...something amazing happens. They develop a passion for Engineering.

We are interested in identifying and supporting those student activities that contribute to student learning. It helps to focus on research for professional development. Rohini takes the pride in offering not only academic and social opportunities, but a variety of other unique experiences as well.

SPECTRA 2017 organized from 03/10/2017 to 07/10/2017 to develops students technological interest. The ceremony commenced department wise with the group of dignitaries.

On Day 1,Prof. Prasath Sabarai,Institute of Science and Technology explained the role of PLC/SCADA, its importance in Satellite, Petroleum and its related fields for the students of ECE Department. In his talk he stressed on the use of PLC/SCADA “Now industry are being replaced by Automation and robotics. All process and work are carried out by machines and robotics process automation. Every industrial sector like manufacturing, process industries, chemical, food & beverages, Oil Gas , Transport, machine tools everywhere Industrial automation is used.

Big companies like SIEMENS,GE, ABB, Fanuc, Honeywell , Mitsubishi are the best OEM in industrial automation and they are providing their service and product world wide. Artificial intelligence , Machine Learning aslo now a days integrated with PLC SCADA. PLC SCADA is used for Controlling and monitor the systems with logical programming

On Day 2,Interior Designer Mr.Abdul Rahman, D.Arch delivered a lecture on the significance of Modular Interior Design and Asthetic View of Buildings for Civil Department. Modular interior design has become very popular and one of the biggest trends when it comes to interior designing. Modular furniture is highly flexible and efficient and has lots more other benefits. It is made from pieces designed to fit together in a number of different ways. It can easily put your furniture together using different pieces available to get the look you want. This allows to rearrange the objects whenever you want to without any hassle.

Also, technological competitions like model making, Innovative Building Structure,Brick Bonding were conducted by the Students of the Civil Department

On Day 3, The Resource person Dr.A.S.Raja,Senior Lead/ Technical Head,Envest .net encouraged the students of Computer Science and Engineering with his impressive talk on “New Inventions in the field of Computer Science like Keyboard without Keys and Board, Data Leakage Detection, I-Cloud by Apple” and about the Job Opportunities in Information Technology. In order to bring out their Skills of the Students by using Modern Software students are encouraged to design their Projects on Support System for Physically Challenged People, Tracking System, Efficient Vehicle Monitoring System and various other competitions were conducted.

On the Fourth Day, Department of EEE organized a Guest Lecture on Secret to Success by Deputy Inspector General,S.BAbau Vengadesh ,Indian Coast Guard Station, Tuticorin. EEE Students made models on “Biometric Voting system, Curved Line Buffer shadow Alarm, Pollution Control on Vehicle, Power Generation using irrigation ” and organized an exhibition on the theme Green Energy to create awareness on green environment among the Students.

On Day 5, Department of Mechanical Engineering organized various technological competitions. In this occasion, Senior Design Engineer Mr.S.R.Muthu Krishnan, Mercedes-Benz research and Development India, Bangalore gave a talk on “Research and Development in automobile Field” motivated the students to explore the vast horizon of Technology. R&D is a strategic and long-term process; automotive R&D relies on significant investment and, increasingly, partnership with stakeholders. It takes time to carry out R&D and undertake thorough tests to deliver production-ready technologies. Bringing them to market is yet another step, which is why vehicle manufacturers need decade-long lead-times to implement new technologies and requirements.

Transport and mobility are a prerequisite for economic prosperity and social activity, but also pose significant challenges for sustainability. In the decades to come, automotive research focus on areas such as transport rationalisation, improving road safety and focusing on the environmental impact of increased mobility needs. R&D improves the current technologies offered by an organisation or to develop innovations that strengthen the organisation’s position in the marketplace.

Engineering life is full of exciting events, none more so than the yearly technical and cultural fests organized by colleges across the nation every year. Every student should experience this organization process at least once during the course of their undergraduate studies. The time spent in organizing these fests not only gives you a huge amount of experience, but also provides you with moments that you will cherish for a long time to come. Mechanical Students exhibited their own models to prove their individual ability on technical skill. Thus the week ended fruitfully by distributing prizes for their individual talents.