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Guest Lecture on “Cyclone and Weather Forecasting”

A Guest lecture programme on "Cyclone and Weather Forecasting" was organized for the students of ECE Departments of RCET in Opulent hall on April 20th,2017. The Governing Council members presided over the function.Dr.S.R.Ramanan, Ex-Director, Cyclone Warning Center, Indian Meteorological Division, Chennai was the chief guest. Dr.SreeDevi,HOD,Department of ECE introducing the Chief Guest she said,” students should gain thorough knowledge in their professional work involving analysis, systems implementation, operation, production, and maintenance of the various applications in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering. The opportunities are galore for electronics and communication engineers as they are employed in variety of sectors such as Indian Telephone Industries, Civil Aviation, Development Centers in various States, Defense, NPL, A.I.R, Posts and Telegraph Department,etc.,”

The chief guest in his keynote address said that the Metrological division is growing bigger and getting fine-tuned and there is no boundary for the weather condition and all the countries work together as a single unit by adopting all the new inventions and technologies. He also insisted that the students must continue to be learners, even after the completion of graduation, post-graduation and getting a job. To progress in life, one has to prolong to be a student. He said that the Pilot has to get three clearances before the take-off operation. They are metrological clearance (for climate situation), communication clearance (for the frequency of communication), and air-traffic clearance (height of travel). Thus the department of metrological science plays a vital role in human society.

He also mentioned that in those days the communication was sent only through tele communication which was very slow. And nowadays the invention of internet helps to transmit the report of satellite very fast. Huge volume of data is being transferred within a second. And with the help of a satellite, it is made easy to monitor the happening of the sea and the ocean also.

He also expressed the different techniques used in the forecasting of the weather. At the end there was an interactive session. Student of ECE Department gave a thank note for his valuable presence and for his informative presentation. Both the student and faculties got benefited.