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A New Innovation for the Benefit of Farmers

Student belongs to the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Rohini College of Engineering and Technology, Palkulam, Near Anjugamam at Kanyakumari District. Has made a New Innovation Project to protect the crop field from animals like monkey with the minimum cost for the benefit of farmer.

S.P.Sivalingam final year student from Mechanical engineering Department has invented an Air Compressing Device with the help of Dr. S. Indran Head of the Department and with the guidence of his professors to protect the crop field from wild animals like wildboar and monkey for the benefit of farmers

When the student was saying about the device. The new device will be used to evacuate single animal. The bullets used in this device has of some tree hard seeds reinforced clay in it. By using these kind of bullets the animals will not be injured and new trees will be grown by the seeds in the bullets. He also has made a new devicce to evacuate group of animals with the use of LPG gas instead of compressed air and more number of seed bullets.

Dr. S.Indran, Head Mechanical Depatment has informed that the cost for manufacturing this device is Rs.260/- and it will be for sales at Rs.300/- for Farmers. Arrangements will be made to sell the device in public.

The Award for new Innovations in Engineering colleges at Kanyakumari District has been given to the student S.P Sivalingam by the District Collector Mr.Sajann Sing Chaun

Rohini college Chairman Shri Neela Marthandan, Vice chairman Dr. Neela Judith, Managing Director Dr Neela Vishnu and the Principal Dr .R.Rajesh has congradulated and honoured the Student and the Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department.