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FDP on Programming in Python 3.0 in Rohini College of Engineering and Technology on August 10th 2017

Department of Computer Science and Engineering conducted a Faculty Development Programme on Programming in Python 3.0 for faculties of various colleges. The program began with inauguration session in the Opulent Hall which was presided by the Principal Prof.SubramaniaPillai, Head of the Computer Science Department Prof.Sahila Devi , Prof.Vasudevan ,Faculty of Computer Science(Trainer), and other Department Faculties and Students

Prof.Vasudevan conducted the training session.Training material covered topics on “How to run Python codes (Python 3.6 in Windows 7),Basic data structures, math operation, String, Basic Python data structures, Function in Python, Advanced python concepts, Overview of File Handling: Concepts of file system, process and how they work together in the operating system, File searching & Sorting in Python, Process concepts,Overview of Pygame, Animations using Pygame” While most of the attendees — largely faculty members from various colleges and graduate students — had some coding experience, almost none of them were well versed in using the various Python packages.

Participants used our college computers to get a hands-on experience of Python, allowing everyone in the workshop to run the same code but select datasets of their own choosing. Another advantage of attending this FDP is that the participants get all the Book Materials, Software and Lab Program materials so that they can continue to use them after this FDP. Certificates are provided to all Faculty members. Trainer enjoyed working with the training groups, stating, “It's always fun to get out there and teach python to a group of enthusiastic Faculty and Students. And they absolutely were.” Overall, participants had very positive feedback. Looking forward to do more Python FDP in the future.”